X Font Pack (Japanese)

X Font Pack (Japanese) 10.0

X Font Packs - Easy interact with documents authored in Japanese language
10.0 (See all)
Adobe Systems Incorporated

Adobe Reader X Font Packs enable you to display and interact with documents authored in languages other than those supported in your native Adobe Reader software. They are needed to correctly display a document when an author does not embed the appropriate font into the document.

They are also needed when the author does embed the font, but the reader of the document wishes to interact in some way with its content, for example, by collaborating, commenting, or filling out forms.

This Font Pack, which supports Japanese, can be installed either on demand or as a standalone installer. "On demand" means that Reader realizes it is missing the Font Pack needed to display or interact with the document and asks the user if the Font Pack should be downloaded and installed. A standalone installer, which you can download from this page, allows the Font Pack to be installed independently of Reader.

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